Welcome to Anthropos

Located in downtown Livermore, Anthropos Counseling Center is a non-profit organization serving the Tri-Valley area since 1975. Our counselors are experienced Marriage and Family Therapist registered Associates, supervised by licensed clinicians.

Under the leadership of our Executive Director, Mary Kennard, Anthropos offers affordable counseling with a client-centered approach. Our first and primary concern is helping you reach the desirable life changes and growth you are seeking.

At Anthropos, our counselors are educated and trained to help individuals, couples, families, teens and children explore their problems and concerns by providing comprehensive short and long term counseling services.

In addition to our counseling services, we also provide a comprehensive training program for Marriage and Family Therapist Associates as they gather their hours towards licensure.

“Anthropos” is a Greek word which literally translates to “humanity” and describes the archetypal or spiritual essence of our humanity at its core. Here at Anthropos we believe we are all connected to each other through our common journey of learning to love ourselves and others. Anthropos believes in contributing to the greater whole in its commitment to providing high quality counseling and the development of future licensed therapists for our community.

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