Our therapists strategically utilize play therapy to help the child express troubling thoughts and feelings and develop better coping skills.

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Child Counseling

Unlike adults, when children are distressed they express what is happening through the symbolic language of play rather than verbal language alone. As a result, the counseling between therapist and child is called “Play Therapy” and takes place in a specially equipped room called a “Play Room.” Toys work like the child’s words and play is the child’s language. Through play therapy, a child learns to communicate with others, express feelings, change behavior, develop problem-solving skills and learn new ways of relating.

The development of a positive emotional relationship between therapist and child is essential as it helps the child confront their problems in the safety of the play therapy room. As this relationship develops over time, the therapist strategically utilizes play therapy to help the child express troubling thoughts and feelings and develop better coping skills. The caretaker’s involvement in their child’s therapy comes via collateral sessions with the child’s therapist. These collateral sessions occur separate from their child’s therapy time. In collateral sessions, the therapist meets with the caretaker(s) in order to provide information about the progress of the therapeutic work, make suggestions that support the child’s problem resolution, and address the caretaker’s concerns.

Due to their interest, training and experience, our play therapists understand how children’s therapeutic needs differ from adults. They understand children in distress and how their difficulties may be beyond their problem-solving skills. They are here to both support your child and you. We encourage you to review our staff bios and find the child-centered therapist that is right for you and your child.

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

One of the most common ways people participate in therapy and is a highly effective way to bring about growth and change

Couples Counseling

Provides support to two individuals striving to create a strong intimate relationship & promotes personal growth through mutual growth

Child Counseling

Play therapy helps a child learns to communicate, express feelings, change behavior, develop skills and learn new ways of relating

Adolescent Counseling

The teen years can be difficult for both the adolescent and their caretakers. Adolescents begin to form the identity that will define them for a lifetime

Family Counseling

Designed to identify family dynamics, interactions, and patterns that prevent the collective growth and harmony of the family system

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