Anthropos Counseling Center is located in downtown Livermore. We welcome you to contact us for counseling services.

Anthropos Counseling Center

(925) 449-7925

326 South L. Street
Livermore, CA 94550


Anthropos Counseling Center is located near the corner of South L. Street and Third Street and across the street from Casa Orozco, a Livermore mainstay. The entrance to Anthropos is on the backside of our building off of Third Street. You will enter a small parking lot via a driveway located next to the dental office on the corner of Third Street and South L. Street. You will see a wheelchair access ramp and stairs that lead up to our waiting room door.


Parking is available both in the small parking lot behind Anthropos and on the street.


Anthropos is wheelchair accessible. If you need assistance please let us know when you call to set up your initial appointment and we will make the necessary arrangements to meet your needs.

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

One of the most common ways people participate in therapy and is a highly effective way to bring about growth and change

Couples Counseling

Provides support to two individuals striving to create a strong intimate relationship & promotes personal growth through mutual growth

Child Counseling

Play therapy helps a child learns to communicate, express feelings, change behavior, develop skills and learn new ways of relating

Adolescent Counseling

The teen years can be difficult for both the adolescent and their caretakers. Adolescents begin to form the identity that will define them for a lifetime

Family Counseling

Designed to identify family dynamics, interactions, and patterns that prevent the collective growth and harmony of the family system

Hours and Rates

The first step in making an appointment for counseling services at Anthropos starts with an email or a phone call letting us know who you are and how to reach you